Friday, July 4, 2014

Proud to be an American!

Tuesday Henry had a trainer ride and being that I am on leave, I got to go watch! Woot! He was good and it's so nice to see him do his job and do it well!

Thanks Kat for catching this picture

Wednesday Henry had the day off with just turn out :)

Thursday Henry had another day of turn out..

Friday was another ride... got to watch again :)

One of the eventing trainers had a line of 5 fences set up that were all one strides. It was set really short and of course Henry was good through it :) Proud mom! They also did some other fences and I caught a picture of the oxer below.

I cleaned him up for them and put on his fly stuff before I put him away. Also cleaned my tack that they used and conditioned it.

3 weeks from today and this baby girl will be here!! Then time for me to heal so I can ride again :)


Henry and I love to hear from you guys! Leave us comments!!! :)