Wednesday, August 10, 2016


This ranch and my girls are taking all of my time!!! Not that I don't sit at a desk all day, I don't have time to blog ha!!


The biggest is that we got a pony- B is SO excited and LOVES Sonny SO much! He's an old (like 28 ish) hunter pony. We are working on steering and even trotting a bit... he knows where the out gate is and where I am lol!!

Addi loves Sonny too and he is perfect for her as well :)

Henry and I are plugging along... his foot finally seems a ok where he stepped on the clip and no infection happened- yahoooooo!

We tried a pad with the frog cut out and he got a bruise on the back of his frog/heal so shoer came out today and put a full pad back on- hoping he feel back to 100% tonight - Please Henry I am ready to go take a lesson and maybe get to a show this season!!!

We both like to have a job and are ready to get back to the regular scheduled program :-P

Grayson is doing well. I've put a few more rides on him... he just needs lot of horse just loping around and I hope to have my chill western pony I dreamed of!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dreaming ... impatiently waiting...

Henry's foot is healing well... shoer said probably another week and a half or two till we should be all good to start back to normal riding.

Thanks Kat for the pics!!! 

He said I can start working him (lunging as long as he looks comfortable) more then hand walking as long as I make sure that no dirt gets in his foot- it's wrapped 24/7 right now and Henry is a professional as wearing through it extremely fast.... what should last 3 days lasts us 24 hours lol. SOOOO needless to say I am a professional foot wrapper now - not sure if I should be proud of that!

So ready to be back doing this ... I am impatiently waiting ha!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

G $

Grayson has been a doll lately.. He is chilling big time and just being a really good guy!

His voice commands in the round pen are like 85% ... pretty good for only about 6 round pen sessions.

He has been good under saddle- he knows where the gate is so working him by the gate and resting away from the gate is the key right now. Still working on that right lead- he wants to be a rope horse - left lead only lol!!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

I stole a horse..

Ok well not really but kinda... I took one of my sisters 5 year olds who she left behind to ride since Henry is letting his foot heal.

Meet Iggy (Funny Cash Money)... she's 5, about 14 h and pretty stinken fun to ride. I've ridden her a bunch before but never english so we have been exploring that.

We affectionately call her Ignasty because well on the ground she can be a bit nasty, but under saddle she is a doll. Just stay away from her hind end or make sure you are holding her be nice stick (aka whip). The only thing we can think of is that someone handled her poorly as a youngster because we know who broke her and he got her like that.

Anywho I plan to trailer her over Saturday to take a lesson with the Saturday crew.. should be fun!!

Iggy and Grayson will be my riding focus right now ...

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well Henry is officially a PITA ... shoes were finally staying on and I even had a really good ride on him... then BAM he pulled his right front again, fixed it and then UGH pulled it half off and stepped on the clip Sunday Night :(

Frantic picture text I sent to my shoer :(

Fail Henry Fail ...

So now I am keeping that clean and wrapped for a week or two till it heals and then we are back to the grind- trying to get to a stinken show! I was supposed to go to one this weekend and they even had a derby I was going to do but Henry had other plans whaaaaaa!

He isn't loving being in the stall but he is being relatively good all things considered.

Just ready for this guy to be back feeling 100% 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Gray Gray

The good...

Never get sick of the sunsets!

Look at how cute he is and how grown up he looks!!

The bad...

He go sprayed by a skunk.. yes you read that right my horse got sprayed by a skunk!! I go between laughing and confused!

Anywho many boxes of baking soda and dawn soap and he is back to normal.

Since he has been hone I've just been kind of letting him chill (he was a bit sensitive or hiped up I guess you could say).

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The bane of my existence.. shoes!

So the last two weeks, Henry hasn't been able to keep his shoes on.

He loves to work so it isn't to get out of work- he's actually been quite a pain because he misses the work.

I can't wait to get back on him and RIDE and take a lesson!!

The plan is to show on July 2nd so I need to get this party going! Henry we have some big plans- keep those shoes on buddy!!

Happy thoughts that these shoes stay on and we have a good ride tomorrow!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

MY Barn Tour- eek!

Here goes nothing!


Back possible second arena and hay barn being built on the left by the trees 

giant - probably 4 or acre pasture

Front Medium pasture

Here is a look straight back when I'm walking out... arena and med pasture to the left, barn right in the front and small pasure right there where you see Henry, hay barn (being built) and possible second area behind the barn and really large pasture to the right. 
small pasture view from the barn
barn- 6 stall all with pastures, overhangs on both sides

Hay in middle stall

Henrys stall

One side of paddocks 

Hay and shavings
Once the hay barn is built- I will feed out the hay in the barn and then i'll be able to reclaim the stalls for horses  :)

Quad and arena drag

Tack Room
Inside of the tack room

Wash rack
So this is after LOTS of clean up... it's still a work in progress and we are slowly chipping away at it. I will have to do a post on the hay barn- hubby has been taking pics as they go so thats cool. Our first big DIY project! Woot!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Oh Man It's Been Almost A Month!

Despite he blog silence- lots has been going on!

I've been trailering over about once a week to take lessons, this last week didn't happen but other then that we have been going.

Henry is to the point (knock on wood) that he is pretty broke and all I really do is keep us in shape lol!

I am still LOVING having my horses at home - seriously it's surreal at times! I haven't gotten sick of cleaning stalls or feeding... yet lol!

Henry has been hacking great at home! And I can't get over that this is ours!

We have been doing lots around the property so my tour pics are outdated soooo I need to take some new ones :) So I will work on that this next week and get ya'll a tour!