Monday, December 9, 2019

Meet Cole

So I’m jumping into the world of Reining... my oldest has fallen in love with reining so if I want to show I’ve got to join her. We can’t afford two circuits so here goes nothing.

This is Cole... he’s a 9 year old QH who’s been there done that and ready to show me the ropes. My trainer found him in Texas and so we bought him and a had to wait a couple weeks and he was shipped here to CA.

I’m still learning my timing in the stopping but spinning is fun! 

It’s ‘easy’ to ride him but I want to ride him well so lots of practice and guidance but I know we will be a great team in no time!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Blogger Exchange 2019

Seriously what better then another horse person getting you a present?!

Cruisen In Stilettos sent me the most wonderful present!

A super lovely Daughter of the King shirt, the best note cards and a cute boot necklace my girls already claimed.

Thank you Michelle - you are awesome!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

20 Things About Me

Snatched this from the900facebookpony and also found a new blog to follow mayaswellevent ... So lets see if I can think of 30 things ha!

1. I was home schooled through 8th grade, hated it but now that I am a parent I understand why my parents did it and the struggle parents feel when the schools around you aren't the best or there is a bad teacher...

2. I have never broken a bone- well i think i have broke a toe but thats it... wasn't officially diagnosed though.

3. I didn't get my first horse till after college when I bought her myself.

4. I started riding at 8, my parents told me I could take lessons if I found a place to ride... I hit the phone book (do those exist anymore?!) and called some places and ended up with my first trainer Christine.

5. I could live on Dr Pepper and Mexican food.

6. I LOVE candy, it's a problem but I have no desire to kick it ha!!

7. I grew up in a beach town.

8. I love to grocery shop.

9. I went to college out of CA so that no one can say I never tried another state... I loved Texas but finding a job that enabled me to live and pay off student loans was impossible.

10. When Wes gets older, I plan to take up reining and give it a go.

11. I have never been out of the country... other then a mission trip to Mexico

12. I currently am addicted to Dutch Bros.... soooooo good

13. I swam competitivly from age 9 through high school... I wasn't tall enough to really be competitive any further... swam varsity all 4 years of HS and loved most of it ha!

14. I went to a private HS... which enabled me to ride for PE. The riding program was for beginners so I rode during 7th period where I helped train whatever new horses they had or straighten out ones who were naughty - pretty awesome.

15. I have a very very very close relationship with my grandma, she is probably the most special person to me.

16. I’ve recently switched to reining...

17. I have a tattoo of Henry in my arm.

18. I competed a Super Spartan race in November.

19. Christmas is my fav time of the year 🎄🎄🎄🎄

20. I’m hopefully back to blog for real again 😝

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I need a fake tail stat...

Well that consistency was short lived ha!!!!! But the gap isn't as bad this time...

A friend tagged me in this and it's SO true lol 

I don't think that I addressed Henry's tail on the blog yet... I am maybe kinda sorta possibly at a point that I can talk about it without feeling sad and a sick feeling in my stomach...

Wes was stalled next to Henry when I first got him and all was well for a few days ... well that was short lived because he ATE half of Henrys tail :(

It has a little longer strand but most of it is up to his hocks... like for real?!!? He could have chewed another other horses tail, why Henry why???!!

So I am for sure going to need a fake tail when we get back to the show ring... anyone have a hook up for me and a tail? ha!

Henry and I are slowly trying to get our groove back... we are both so out of shape. I also think that he could benefit from the chiropractor and probably his hocks done again, it's been over a year since they were done, maybe closer to a year and a half.

So who has the fake tail hook up?!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Stall vs Pasture

I have always been a person who likes to have my horse in a stall... they are easier to micro manage and oh how I love to control stuff ha!!

Henry likes his stall... Holli, Wes and Jet like to be where Henry is ha, meanwhile he could care less about the three of them.

Over the last almost 2 years of having my own place, I have had the luxury of moving my horses around where ever I want them at any time. Henry LOVES pasture time especially when grass in involved.

In CA turn out is slim pickings so I am so luck, or my horses are lucky that they get the best of both worlds... so spoiled. And they don't get just light turn out- they get giant pastures... like multiple acres.

When the weather is nice my horses get to be out as long as they want, I get to move them around the different pastures and mix/match whom ever I want in each pasture.

He even looks handsome when drinking lol

When the weather is bad they all have a warm and cozy stall all to themselves with a buddy next to them.

I have a 6 stall barn, 4 stalls are used for the horses, 1 is used for hay storage and 1 is used as the grain room/storage. One day I would like to have another hay storage closer to the barn or an atv that I can load hay in and make it easier to feed. The large hay barn we have needs a front cover in order to store hay during the winter, currently we tarp any hay that is in there when it's going to rain.

Are you a stall or pasture person? Or both...

Monday, February 5, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday- Equestrian Style

When hubby is finally home, it's 70 outside, the baby is napping and there is daylight... you don't sit inside and watch football.. you go outside and do this:

The ground squirrels and gophers have taken over our spot we were riding in the field... I am currently figuring out how to rage war on them. B and I rode a little and then decided to wander around since there were too many holes that we couldn't avoid.

These two are spoiled

I gave Henry and Jet both hose downs and washed their tails... of course they both rolled when I put them back in the pastures ugh.

Meanwhile Bayley was doing this:

I should have gotten a video of her trying to get on, it as hilarious and even more reason why Holli is a saint and the best pony in the world.

Happy Monday everyone.. hopefully I will get to ride again this weekend- I really need lights so I can ride at night after the kiddos go to bed.

Friday, February 2, 2018


With all the fires in CA, north and south of me... I have been thinking more and more about my plan.

Who wants to buy me this? lol

I had thought about this before when we had the fire at the barn when I boarded at before moving the horses home... but now that I have more horses then space in the trailer, it has me thinking again.

I have ordered tags to put on my halters with my name and number, that why if I have to set horses free- hopefully someone would find them and call me....

Hubby and I have also talked about getting a bigger trailer- at least a 3 horse so that I could load everyone up- even squeeze all 4 in if needed leaving the dividers open. Thankfully all 4 of them are very chill and no one is a bully or kickers.

BUT footing is the top priority soooooooo the trailer will have to wait ha!

Also if I have to grab one what I could carry, my saddle would be the first thing id snatch... alone with other tack if possible and my tack trunk. I have often thought about storing things in the trailer so that it is already loaded up in case of an emergency but haven't done that.. yet.

Pretty trunk.. I will take 10 of these please haha

So do you have an evacuation plan?

What would you grab if you had to act quick and didn't have time to take it all?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Maybe I am back to Blogging...

I am hoping that I can start blogging again, maybe even a couple times a week... baby girl is starting to sleep a bit more on her own, my middle little is doing preschool 2-3 times a week for  hours and my oldest little is obviously in school (but she is easiest so she doesn't count)... now that I just said all that, everything is going to go hay wire ha!!

It was been pretty wet so I haven't been able to ride but a handful of times since I was cleared by my doctor... 

There is a ranch right down the road from me that has a covered arena so I talked to the owner and he said I can pay the pasture board price and use the arena. HOPEFULLY that will enable to me to get some riding in... Hubby is 3 days into a 4 week training out of town soooo at the moment grooming and maybe a quick lunge in the dark will be all I get in. 

B taking pics again- actually really like this one :)
Mr Wes has been giving me a run for my money... in the stall he is great and I have gained his trust. BUT if I turn him out, he is almost impossible to catch. The fact that the lady didn't handle him at all or do anything is very apparent.. so I just keep plugging along trying to make him love me ha!

We have been working on haltering, being patient when tied, lots of grooming, being hosed off, blanketing, clipping his wiskers and handling his feet- currently pretty good with the fronts woot!

Right now Holli is out with him in hopes that he will become more friendly and she will help him be more civilized *fingers crossed*

Holli is amazing as always, B loves riding her and lately just wants to ride bareback all over which is so great for her balance/confidence/feel of the horse. Holli is of course a saint even when being ridden in just a halter with the trains whizzing by and out in the field (our arena is un usable currently, the footing is no good no matter how much i have worked it and tried to make it cooperate.. so the plan is to try and save for some footing)

Monday, October 16, 2017

A New 4 Legged Baby

5 more weeks till baby girl #3 arrives.... I CAN NOT WAIT to meet her and not be prego!

I might have bought myself a great birthday present this year haha... totally reasonable and a wise decision :)

Meet Wes... hes 7 months old, QH, reining bloodlines... I can't wait to see him in like 2 years!! Can we fast forward?!

Henry has been doing a lot of this... I can get on him but not off soooo he's on maternity leave with me haha!!

I created a grass grazing pasture in one of my smaller pastures in the front of our house... spoiled horses!

Henry has also been loving living out in the pasture... cleaning stalls over 30 weeks pregnant had to stop so everyone got promoted to pasture life. I am having to learn that it's ok that they are not all clean and pristine all the time haha!!

Jets been chilling too... does anyone want to come pull manes for me?! pleassssssse

The girls are getting some riding in.. if it can't be me then at least someone is enjoying our horses :)

Henry and Wes are already buddies... lets be honest, Henry is buddies with everyone ha!

Hopefully I will be better at this posting business... sorry to abandon you blogger world!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Riding, whats that?!

We are still alive over here... just under water.

No riding has been going on for some time sadly.

I have been able to lunge maybe twice in two months :(

Henry's Valentines treat
Exciting news though... I am taking Jet to the barn my trainer is at for March so that we can get him going consistently since there is a covered arena there :)

Maybe I will get some rides in on Henry soon too! I'd like to do some shows this year - but we need to ride in order to do that ha!