Thursday, December 1, 2016

Susie Hutchison Clinic 2016

First off I will start with saying how fun of a clinic this was... I was nervous as heck and Susie is such a kind and straight forward teacher. She was black and white and explained things really well- but at the same time expected you to pay attention and follow through with what she was saying. Which I think should be a given when clinicing with ANYONE, or even lessoning- you respect the person you are riding with.

Day 1 was focused on pace and knowing your pace- she had us going WAY more forward then I am used to but thankfully Henry and I were able to step up. Henry was really well behaved and game for whatever I asked of him... so thankful for having a broke horse whos fun to ride!

After we all mastered the pace on the flat she added in warming up over the X- it was in a really weird show so Henry bobbled  a bit the first time but went over it and we had no other issues after that.

Then she had us doing the 4 stride- this was a big hurdle for everyone. It was a FORWARD 4 and the indoor arena is small and they had part of the end marked off for spectators so you had to really really really get hauling to make the 4 lol.

Day 2 was even better then day 1. We did some flat to warm up and then we did some course work... started with the X and 4 stride then she made a full course.

Here are two videos of our courses.. I will let them speak for themselves...

Course 1 Day 2 Susie Clinic

Course 2 Day 2 Susie Clinic

Again Henry was awesome, I felt like I rode well... I am so happy that our first clinic went well and I feel like I represented my trainer well (which I really wanted to do).

I am ready for another one!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

T-3 Days

Went out for a lesson yesterday to get ready for the clinic.

Trainer has painted a bunch of jumps so we had new stuff to jump and we were inside... oh and the rope jiggler was taking up 40% of the arena with her student and they were on the ground 90% of the time ugh!

Despite all that Henry was AWESOME and I did my part well. Woot!

Oh he did think the giant latter was scarrrrrrry but hey I'll take that over the new jumps lol

It rained almost all of last week and through the weekend so we haven't been doing much of this...

But have been doing as much as we can to get ready for the clinic.

Henry has been doing lots of this too...

It looks like Ireland here- the rain made the grass pop up hella fast!

Stay tuned for my outfit post and then clinic posts!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

No I don't run a petting zoo...

It's crazy to me how now that we have our horses at home, random people I meet (not old friends, they know I don't share well lol) ask if they can come over and pet/feed my horses... or even RIDE. WTF?!?!?!?!

I had a girl I just met as if her sons preschool could all come over and get pony rides... seriously?!?!

Another girl I met asked if her 2 year old could come over and feed and groom- meanwhile the kid was scaling the couches and tables at the persons house we were at and mom didn't say a WORD to the kid. Um no!

Does anyone else have people say these things to them?!?!

I don't run a petting zoo folks! I have performance horses!

And yes I have two young kinds but they have been raised around horses and know the rules.. and i am VERY strict with them!!

OK glad I got that off my chest lol!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Where has his tail gone ...

Since moving to our own place, Henry's tail has gone from decent and well cared for to thin and well cared for (well the best I can do).

So today I come to you asking for help...

He is constantly swatting flies (despite me having him covered head to toe with fly stuff) and his tail is SO dry.

I have been on the hunt for something that is SUPER moisturizing ...

I have tried:
Infusium 23 (had the most luck)
Equus (no luck)
Cowboy Magic (no luck)
Equifuse (no luck)

"Leave ins"
Laser Sheen (eh)
Equifuse Serum (had the most luck)
Show Sheen (eh)
Vetrolyn Shine (some luck)

Also tried tail bags and that was a big no no... his tail turns into three dread locks bc it gets so dry. I FREAKED out when I found that!

He is on Biotin and Biomane in his feed.. a friend suggested adding fish oil to his feed too, going to try that.

But NOTHING leaves his tail happy and soft for more then 10 min.

Any suggestions?! I need your help and tips! I have never had this problem ever with a horse- I am like a crazy clean freak!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Whats not to LOVE?!

Seriously how handsome is this guy?!

It's been exciting around here... we are riding like 4 times a week, trying to keep both our stamina up and polished for the clinic.

I have my breeches and belts picked out for the clinic.. still undecided for my top since I need to see what the weather is going to be like :)

It's been two weeks since I took a lesson.. hubbys work has been crazy and not allowing me to sneak a lesson in. Only a few weeks till the clinic so I need to squeeze in a few  before then.

I even snuck in on hack in the western saddle one night... It's so weird riding him in it ha!

It's been cooling off too... sheets have been needed at night for Henry and Jet. I plan to clip Henry but the longer I can wait the better.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Contest Time... Names, I need Names!

Our Farm/Ranch needs a name!! My Grandpa suggested I hold a contest to see if anyone comes up with a name we like...

I need this!!! LOVE!

So far the ones we have are:

All In Farm

Fuller Ranch

Neither of them I am in love with so what do you suggest?!

Yep this is on the dream list too... 

The prize will be a $20 gift card OR you can let me chose a product I love :)

Ready.. set.. go ...

Monday, October 10, 2016

Sacramento International Horse Show

This weekend a group of us from the barn went to watch the Grand Prix up at the SIHS.

Its a yearly event that I love to attend. Big name riders/trainers means some great riding ... awesome atmosphere ... shopping... and this year they had food trucks!

I went up early - hubby had the girls... i wandered around, watched the rings that had stuff going on in them and was reminded how much i love multi day shows and how I need to try and get to one or two next year.

The rest of the barn people showed up around 4 - GP was scheduled to start at 7. We ate, shopped, watched horses go and then snagged a couple rows of seats and took turns saving them. That place fills up super super super fast. Side note: it's crazy how people come late and expect you to accommodate them when you have been sitting for hours saving the seats!!! Um no...

Such a fun night, Rich Fellers and Flexible put on a heck of a show. 28 great riders!!

Friday, September 30, 2016


Henry and I have been plugging along..

It has been hot hot hot so early morning rides have been our jam.

3' is no big deal :)

Still getting ready for the clinic. Thinking confidence, confidence, confidence lol

Who needs to be straight lol

Working towards longer rides and trying to keep them busy so neither of us get bored. Henry's always been a "harder" mouthed horse so I have been really working on softening him up. We are at the point where he's broke so it's just fine tuning and little stuff here and there to keep life interesting.

Random cool nights call for a sheet

Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Pony Alert!

It's a bit overdue and if you follow me on instagram (narleykarley) you already know the exciting news...

Meet Jet!

He's a 5 yr old OTTB, a bit under 16.2 and I am sure growing. Clean xrays and passed the vet check with flying colors.

He ran a day before I got him... So he was a bit body sore but took everything in stride! Was such a good boy and didn't try to much with me!

After three rides with trainers help at the old barn I brought him home to have a few weeks off, chill and eat. He has taken it all in stride and is so laid back now!

One week of owning him shot
He's LOVING the daily turn out and all you can eat buffet.

He LOOOOVES the mineral block lol
I can't wait to get more weight on him and get back on him to see how he does!

This guys living the dream!! He has died and gone to heaven in his mind!! lol

Wednesday, September 21, 2016