Thursday, April 23, 2020

Saturday is for Social Distancing

Saturday B and I went for lesson on our beloved Unicorns Scooby and Cole.

We ride with different trainers but they are at the same barn and they have lots of room so they did our lessons at the same time which is super nice!

I have had Cole 5 months now, it's been a learning curve for me to get all of the reining stuff down. Henry is broke and I've walked the whole training process with him, making it so I know him so well and he knows my riding.

Cole is super broke and was an open horse (meaning Professional caliber) so he is like a Ferrari... and I have never driven a Ferrari BUT I am learning. I feel like ever lesson we are getting more tools and I am enjoying this process SO much!!

B and Scooby during their lesson


  1. LOL - I definitely ride two "high octane race cars", but the absolute hottest little thing I ever rode was a chestnut foundation cutting mare: girl was on FIRE!

    1. Oh yeah I have an old cutter and hes broke broke broke but has so much go go go lol!! My sisters big time barrel horse is a little cow bread red mare who is a bad ass (she won the CA circuit finals with a rookie last year and with my sister previously and kicks ass on the pro rodeo circuit)


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