Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Henry is Still Number ONE

Don't worry, Henry is still the king of the castle.... Sadly I just can't afford two show circuits so for now hes living his best life.

His best life is hacks, every day turn out on grass and nightly buffet in his stall... he's not mad.

He defiantly has more of a dad bod now, to go with my mom of three little kids bod haha!! But we enjoy each other- there is something about an almost 9 year bond that is just always going to be home, he's my ride or die.

See that white fencing, that is supposed to be my arena but the previous owner dumped crap dirt in there and no matter how I tried I couldn't make it work... so I found this lovely sand behind and have turned it into my arena. I will take a picture and let you guys see it's full glory.

Henry living SIP without a care in the world.

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