Saturday, April 11, 2020

Schooling show and Affiliate 1

Before the world stopped.. we were able to attend a schooling show in the end of Jan and the first Affiliate show in the beginning of March.

Schooling show...

This was all a learning experience for us.. Cole is new to me so I had no idea what type of prep work he needed or how he would be in the show pen.

I learned
- he needs a tad of lunging day 1, but not much and its way more work for me when him to lunge
- getting in the show pen to just school was so good for both of us
- he is so smart and a pro at this, he knows its game time and we are competing when we step into the show pen

- I didn't feel nervous at all once I got going in the warm up arena.. this is a whole new feeling for me since puking was the norm when showing hunters ha!!
- reining shows are like a big family hanging out, lots of meals together and hanging out

Affiliate 1

This was at a new facility that I had never been to.. normally our shows are at 2 different facilities only an hour and a half away. The first show was at a place over 3 hours away and a new facility- it was good for me to see how he acted when I wasn't familiar with where we were.

Spoiler- he was pretty great, a tad spookie at one corner (the second time he went in the show pen, so I call his bluff lol)

We headed up Friday- getting the horses settled and a schooling ride to stretch their legs and get our bearings.

I did a schooling class on Saturday- it's the "level above" where I am showing but we wanted to get in the pen and let us both see it... it went so good! he was game for it all and I stepped up to the plate. We ended up getting 3rd in the class...

Sunday it RAINED SO hard on us all day... lovely weather for showing. Thankfully they have a covered warm up arena and show pen... but you got soaked walking from the stalls to warm up and then show pen.

We had a great ride in our Green as Grass class, not as killer as Saturday but still we got a score in both our runs, didn't 0 and didn't forget out pattern. We ended up tied for 4th.

I am so thankful to have those horse... I feel so lucky to get to show him.


  1. Yay so glad you're back to blogging! Would love an update on your other horses at home :)


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