Thursday, April 9, 2020

What day is it?

Is this all over yet? I know this is going to be first world problems but its ok, im allowed to have feeling lol!

I have been working hard and had but goals for this show season... in reining you can only do the division I'm in for two years and I wanted to fully take advantage of it. My plan B was that I could win the buckle next year if I had a major mess up but I didn't plan on being sidelined after only one show.

I know everyone else is in the same boat but I am still bummed. Really bummed if I am honest...

I am VERY thankful that my horses are at home. We are really not hurting too much other then I can't wait to eat out or have someone else cook for me and to see our friends/people.

Cole is back home now, but for January and February he was at a barn right by my house that has a covered arena so I could prep for show season and not miss out on riding ... jokes on me now lol

I'll recap our schooling show and Affiliate 1 show next time.

Hope you are all doing well <3 <3

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