Friday, July 8, 2016

Dreaming ... impatiently waiting...

Henry's foot is healing well... shoer said probably another week and a half or two till we should be all good to start back to normal riding.

Thanks Kat for the pics!!! 

He said I can start working him (lunging as long as he looks comfortable) more then hand walking as long as I make sure that no dirt gets in his foot- it's wrapped 24/7 right now and Henry is a professional as wearing through it extremely fast.... what should last 3 days lasts us 24 hours lol. SOOOO needless to say I am a professional foot wrapper now - not sure if I should be proud of that!

So ready to be back doing this ... I am impatiently waiting ha!


  1. Look into those Equifit foot wraps. I had great luck with them last year when Rio had proud flesh oozing out of his foot.

    1. My sister sent me the link to those the other day- I planned to order some. Good to know they really work!!

  2. Ugh, getting close! Waiting is the worst, but it's almost done. Hopefully :0)

  3. Hopefully the time flies by!


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