Monday, December 12, 2016

Hello Wet ...

The weather has been crappy... now that I don't have a covered arena it makes riding hard :(

I keep asking for a covered arena for every present! LOL!!! One day!

The horses have been stuck in stalls for most of the days right now- when it dries a bit I give them all stern talking to and tell them to chill and I will let them out on the grass lol!

We have had one or two days like this.. but don't let the sun fool you- its still super super super wet.

We are living in blankets, different weights have come out but mostly they are covered all the time. Jet and Grayson are nasty muddy messes :( Thankfully Holly and Henry have kept their manners and not gotten to nasty!!

Hopefully we get some dry soon so that my ring can dry out and I can ride!


  1. It's been bad here, too! I haven't done any riding in quite awhile. If it's dry, it's way too cold, if it's warm, it's wet!

  2. I didn't know you had holly there!

  3. We need to win the lottery to fund our arena dreams!

  4. Im glad we are finally over the wet season on my side of the world!!

  5. I hate living in blankets like that... I can't wait for summer already!

  6. As soon as I get my own place, a covered is so important!


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