Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Blogger Gift Exchange 2016

Allie at was my secret santa. I seriously love doing this every year- horse people shopping for horse people, what could be better!!!???

She wrapped my present sooooooo cute!!

I am a horrible wrapper but I love getting wrapped presents lol!

She included something for everyone- seriously she is THE BEST!

Got a shirt from her ranch- LOVE
An awesome stiff body brush with my monogram- girl i love a monogram!!
Candy canes for all the ponies!
Herbal horse goodies- i love this stuff and am thankful for restocking a few of my favs!
SUPER cute ornaments- again monogram obsessed!
Stickers for the girls... as a mom of girls she knows exactly what little girls love, ponies and stickers!

I got the best presents this year!

Thanks Allie you rock!


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  2. I LOVE those stickers!! Perfect for the girls <3

  3. Love the gifts. So nice that she thought of your kiddos too!

  4. What a great gift! I really love how personalized so many of the gifts were this year! So fun!


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