Monday, February 10, 2014

It's raining, it's pooring...

Yep dreaming again of jumping AND sun :)
Video of Henry and the WS Friday :)

I know lots of people are having lots of snow and cold cold weather... we finally got some much needed rain in CA but now it won't stop!

Ok I am done complaining...

The party went well Saturday but it whippppped me out! Sunday I was down for the count but am feeling better today.

This came in the mail Friday- In love!

Henry will get a hack today, hack tomorrow (lessons for me aren't really lessons anymore haha more a hack), hack/turn out Wednesday, idk Thursday, trainer ride Friday and maybe another Saturday- not sure.

Don't forget to enter Hillary's contest!!


  1. Replies

    2. I didnt see that color anymore!!

    3. It's the Vibrant Sky color.. it looks way different online then in person.

  2. Where did you get that sweatshirt?! It's adorable, and since I can't ride, I've been doing waaayyyy too much online shopping. ;)

  3. Very cute top & didn't comment on last post & Henry is looking super Hunky as always!

  4. Like everybody else I love the sweatshirt! And Henry looks awesome as always. :)

  5. Henry is looking good! I also love that sweatshirt... I might just have to order one now!

  6. I love that picture of the arena, very eye catching!

  7. Henry is such a cute jumper! AND like everyone else, I love the sweatshirt.

  8. I am actually kind of glad to hear that you guys are getting rain, I have heard that the drought out there is pretty bad. Wish I could ship you some of this snow! I think there is about 2 foot on the ground right now, but hopefully that will be good news for our Lakes.


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