Friday, October 3, 2014

The Week and SIHS



Monday I hacked...

Tuesday was a lesson... hopefully there is photographic evidence of the jumping. Oh how I love my trainer and the drive she has for me. We went for two weeks of me jumping little baby stuff and now apparently I am back in the game cause it was legit height for us this week lol!

Thursday the plan was to ride but after feeding the baby I only had an hour and 15 min at the barn before hubby had to leave for work so I made the most of my time...

Then cleaned him up...

Friday was supposed to be a trainer ride but trainer is out of town.

And some Grayson love...

Poor awkward baby... you can see his "gray" is coming in in spots (look at his booty and neck) ... such a weird way for the color change!

Hubby taking a turn picking out fox tails from his tail.. I was feeling crazy from picking so many.

We spent tonight at the Sacramento International Horse Show... always a blast to go to horse shows and enjoy the amazing riders!! :)


  1. I don't know how you fit it all in! My time management is seriously suffering this year!
    Yay you ♡

  2. I saw your Instagram clips of the jumping and holy sh*t... Anyway! It's nice to have a trainer who pushes you to succeed... Without killing you hahaha.

    1. Yeah the jumps were crazzzzzy!!

      My trainer isn't for the faint of heart lol but it is exactly what I need and I love her! I'm not paying you to tell me everything is a ok.. I want to be better :)

  3. sounds like a great week - hope to see some pics from your jump lesson! and SIHS looks like a LOT of fun!

  4. Your boys are so cute!! I'm glad you're getting some riding time and going to shows. Sounds fun!

  5. Grayson looks like he is growing!
    Such cute boys you have :)

  6. Henry is looking really fabulous. And Grayson is so awkward and cute!!

  7. Grayson so cute! My husband thinks yearlings are sooo hideous - he hates ours lol I love their awkwardness though!


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