Friday, April 10, 2015

18 on the 18th... TOABH

Thanks for all the advice on boots!!

Eighteen on the Eighteenth.
In honor of Archie's 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse.

1. I love what a chill dude he is.
2. I love how handsome he is.
3. I love how he loves to jump.
4. I love his work ethic

5. I love how sweet he is with B.
6. I love how athletic he is.
7. I love how we can go to new places and he is calm cool and collected.
8. I love how far we have come together.

9. I love that we look good together.
10. I love that he has a good canter despite his AWFUL trot lol
11. I love his shinny copper coat.
12. I love that things have been hard along the way but that we have grown together along the way.

13. I love that he does random funny things, like sticking both feet in the poop bucket lol
14. I love that he breaks any crazy stereo types that OTTB's are nuts :)
15. I love that ive been apart of all his training after the track.

16. I love that we aren't even close to where we started haha!
17. I love that I love showing him!
18. I LOVE that I am so comfortable on him

Thanks Beka for the great hop!


  1. I love all of those 18 reasons! You and Henry are an awesome team!

  2. And I love this post - such an awesome pair ☺

  3. Aw, love everything about this post! Great (and sometimes hilarious) pictures!

    1. right! thankfully we are pretty much past all that chaos :)

  4. That giraffe picture is like two cameras ago lol. I love that I have documented proof of how far you've come, it reminds me that rough rides can build into a great match with hard work.

    1. LOL i love that you know how many cameras ago!!

      I AM SOOO THANKFUL that you guys document everything!!! Seriously so blessed!

  5. you guys are a great pair :)


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