Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Rodeo Go-er

I lessoned Tuesday and Thursday... and went to a barrel race Wednesday.

Monday hack

Jumped inside Tuesday ... a line... nothing fancy.

Jumped outside Thursday and did a line and then a fun little S over a stone wall, chevron and black wall. I rode for almost 2 hours so I was POOOPED at the end! But Henry was great and I had fun :)

Lunging before getting on Thursday

Then we went to two rodeos over the weekend :)

Being a good boy at the race
G got ponied around and then stood with all of us around the arena.. he was awesome for his first time being ponies away from home and maybe 4th time being ponied :)


  1. You are getting the best of both world girl!

  2. That is an interesting rope halter. Does it have a special name?

    I think it is cool that you enjoy such different disciplines.

  3. Good baby! I didn't realize there were so many rodeo events!

  4. Yay for awesome lessons and great baby G ♡♡♡


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