Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First Show of the 2016 Season

Saturday we are heading to our first show this season- yahoo!

Throw back to a show in 2012

So this week I have been riding every day to make sure Henry is ready... my arena footing isn't how I want it yet but it's good enough for light hacks. It's teaching Henry to pick up his feet lol!

Monday we has our first ride at home... it was low key and nothing crazy, just wanted to get him out and make sure he was going to behave. He not only behaved, but was perfect... cantered around in our pleasure frame, didn't even bat an eye when the train went by and was just a dream!!

Tuesday I hacked again and Henry was great yahoo! It was short and sweet, I just wanted to get him out since I had a lesson planned for Wednesday morning.

I also hopped on Cooper with B and we did some trotting yay!

Wednesday I headed out in the am to take a lesson. Henry loaded great and we were on our way. Trainer forgot about me but I rode anyways. Henry was a bit strong and forward- so back to our old ways of stopping, backing, cantering till he was tired and gave in. Oh Henry!

Another hack Thursday and lesson Friday. Oh and my arena will be beautifully groomed Thursday morning woot!!


  1. Good luck at the show! I love seeing little glimpses of your new place, it looks so awesome.

    1. Thanks girl!!! I'm working on a tour post- I think video and pics will do it best :)

  2. Glad he's settling in at home so easily! Can't wait to read about your horse show! Have fun!

  3. Good luck at the show!!!

  4. Good luck!! Also can't wait for the tour of your new place :)


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