Monday, April 25, 2016

Horse Show Fail

SO SAD!! The horse show was canceled :(

It POOOOORED Friday so they canceled the show.... I was literally ALL ready! Horse schooled really well, bathed, clipped, clothes picked out, trailer packed, tack cleaned, feeling confident and my roadie ready to meet me super early... seriously I was SO bummed.

Addi LOVES Cooper- tho she calls him Henry lol

So after getting home and pouting, hubby and I talked and B and I headed to watch my sister at the rodeo she was in. She made the top 24 call back for Saturday... had an eh run Saturday but then made it back for the to 12 and get this... RAN THE FASTEST TIME OF THE WHOLE RODEO on Sunday. It was killer, she and Katy are amazing!! So proud of her!

Auntie Rachy and Katy's biggest little fan
So instead of a busy weekend, Henry got a relaxing turn out filled weekend ha!

I did get his new fly sheet too... the bugs at our new house aren't so kind to him and Rocky so they have sweet new set ups! I will have to take another picture of Henry with his matching fly mask and boots..


  1. I hate it when shows get canceled, so disappointing!

  2. Too bad about the show, but Rachel looks AWESOME in that video!!

  3. My show got cancelled too. They cancelled it on Friday and then on Saturday (day of the show) it was gorgeous out. I was really annoyed.

    1. Right it was beautiful Saturday (day of the show) here too!!

  4. To bad about the show. Congrats to your sister!!


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