Thursday, February 23, 2017

Riding, whats that?!

We are still alive over here... just under water.

No riding has been going on for some time sadly.

I have been able to lunge maybe twice in two months :(

Henry's Valentines treat
Exciting news though... I am taking Jet to the barn my trainer is at for March so that we can get him going consistently since there is a covered arena there :)

Maybe I will get some rides in on Henry soon too! I'd like to do some shows this year - but we need to ride in order to do that ha!


  1. Too bad about all the water! I hope Jet has fun at your trainers :)

  2. I feel your pain on the water front. I've gotten nothing in this year at home!

  3. What is this 'riding' thing you speak of? It sounds vaguely familiar.

  4. So excited for Jet to really get going next month!!


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