Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another One Hits the Dust...

Has a good lesson last night. I did a quick lunge (2 min) and Henry was dead quiet so I got on and headed down to the lesson.

Oh man he was SOOOOO sluggish. I wished I didn't lunge lol.

We flatted and I really had to work on keeping him in front of my leg. I can defiantly feel the burn today. I ride 4+ days a week so normally I don't feel a real burn but last night I worked hard ha! Also really worked on pushing him into the bridle.

Onto jumping. Warmed up over the X with the other two that were jumping... then they did the little wall and I watched.

My turn... we did 2 oval exercises. Big X left turn (lead change) to the rainbow oxer left turn (lead change) big X left turn (lead change) rainbow oxer... Then jumping the black and yellow oxer turning right (lead change) to the gate vertical turning right (lead change) to the oxer right (lead change) gate... you get it.

He was good and I was strong and confident... refreshing! :)

I was POOPED! lol
Off today, hack Thursday (plus cleaning, clipping and packing), lesson at the show Friday, show Saturday and Sunday :)


  1. You did great considering Henry looked like he wanted you to carry him over the jumps lol

  2. Isn't a great feeling after having a really good lesson :)


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