Monday, October 21, 2013

SV 10-19-13 Recap

My new pumpkins - LOVE!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

Friday we headed out to the show around 10:45. Got there pretty much before anyone else so we unloaded, tacked up and schooled...

We started in ring 2 and hacked around and then warmed up over the little jumps (maybe 2'-2'3) and the moved over to ring 1 (where we would be showing) and I though man those jumps don't look 2'6 but oh well... I asked my trainer and she said eh they are about 3 ft - ha! We schooled them and Henry felt great.. I had to remember forward forward forward and when I did, it was awesome.

We rode hard schooling, I was pooped as was Henry. Lyssette and I cooled the boys out by taking a walk around the property a little. Then we untacked, bathed and let the boys graze while they dried. They were so cute together- wish I had taken pics- they were literally sharing blades of grass.

Saturday we were up bright and early. Our class was pretty much first of the day. I wasn't nervous per say but my body wasn't happy about the 5 hours it got of sleep and the early morning demands.

My bff came up Friday night so she was there to help Saturday morning and that was awesome! Shes a horse person (does reining) so she started lunging Henry while I got checked in at the office.

I finished lunging and tacked up and got on.

Henry was solid, awesome and amazing in our first 5 classes- we got 1st in our Eq class, 2nd in our under saddle, nothing in the 3 OF classes but thats ok because they were big classes and he was good, nothing horrible happened but it wasn't as stellar at the machine packers that won :)

We had a little break (maybe an hour or so) and then I had one last flat class. Got Henry ready and got on and he was NOT having anything to do with a nice low and long headset- I wasn't feeling to hot about this last under saddle class. He was spookie and done with me ugh. Oh well so is life... we got second in that last class.

Untacked, hosed off, vetrolyned and packed up and headed home.

Next time the plan is to do the 2'9-3' stuff so there aren't so many people in our classes and well we can do it :)

Cell phone pic from my bff- 2'6 looks so little lol!

All tucked in at home Sat Night

Our satin :)

Henry got Sunday off with a nice turn out session, today will be a light hack and some cleaning, maybe a lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, hack Thursday, trainer ride Friday (I hope) and hack Saturday.

Trainers annual Halloween party is Saturday and I still don't have a costume... any ideas?! Last year we were the dancing IPod people, year before we were Waldo... help!

Focus on riding the horse you’re on each day, not the horse you rode yesterday or the one who won or lost a class in his last show. Horses are like us: They have good days and bad days. Start each day with a clean slate.
—  Danny Robertshaw


  1. Yay! Congrats on a great outing!

  2. Congrats!! Looks like fun!! I'm struggling with my own costume for a friends seems like every is literally a strip of fabric now and it kinda bugs me. Maybe I'll go as an Equestrian! ;)

    1. Thanks! I know I like to be creative and do something different ugh!

  3. Way to go! You guys did super well :)

  4. Yay!!! Good job! I hate going to Halloween parties :/ women use it as an excuse to wear the skimpiest thing they can find. I dressed 80's to the one I went to this past weekend and no one got it. A sign I am getting old...

    1. Yeah you will not find me half naked ;)

      Oh 80's is good.. I think my mom took part of my costume that I had for 80's from a few years back.

  5. Congrats! You guys had a good haul... and 2nd is pretty good for a spooky horse who isn't really paying attention. ;)

  6. Woohoo!!! He is owning those 2'6" jumps... definitely time to move up :)

    1. Yeah I was not happy about riding with like 50 other people in a class lol!

  7. Big congrats to you and Henry! He looks awesome! :)

  8. Hi! You have been awarded the Sunshine Award. Check it out here:

  9. Yay for the successful outing!


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