Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 Day Challenge Day 3

I realised last night on my way to the barn that Henry hasn't been turned out in good footing to blow off some steam in a while... so that was the plan for Monday night.

Polo wrapped all 4 legs and headed down to the big round pen. The footing down there is normally good and after the rain Friday night, it was almost perfect. A little deep but not bad at all.

I literally stood there while he got his craziness out. I think it's good for his mind to have these times to blow off steam and since the rain will be here in no time and prevent us from doing this type of stuff, I am glad I took the opportunity to let him have at it.

I put his cooler and hock boots back on and headed to the indoor to walk him around till he was cool and not puffing.

Day 3...

11. Critique your horse's conformation
I am NOT good at this.. ya'll need to help me, please!! Critique him for me!

12. Horse's favorite riding exercise
I think he likes gymnastics, bounces and 2 strides... He's so athletic and I always like we are grooving when we do these type of jumping exercises.

13. Favorite spa day products

14. Three best things about your horse
1. He dosen't hold a grudge
2. He is freaking athletic and game to work hard
3. He's stinken cute! :)

15. Favorite picture of your horse   

Lesson tonight, off Wed, something Thur, hack Fri, lesson Sat and show Sun :) 


  1. His pasterns are a bit upright, shoulder is straight which causes the bumpy ride, nice neck, a little thick, love his head, high wither. Nice, deep hip. :) I wouldn't complain about a single thing in his confo, other than his straight shoulder, I know that feel. ;) Bumpy rides make better seats but mehhhh....Red's got it too, it's not very comfy! ;)

  2. He's pretty nicely put together! His neck has a nice crest to it and his back looks rounded rather than hollow.

  3. I love how solid Henry is -- a while back he just seemed to beef up overnight. I love that about him!!

  4. Henry is solid! with what looks like great bone. I agree he is a tad upright/short looking in his pasterns but otherwise I don't see too much to complain about and that is being pretty picky, I think. He looks to have a huge motor. And the strengths you listed make him even better!

  5. I love Henry's conformation! Love his short back and muscular build. He always looks more like a WB than a TB to me. :)

  6. Henry is one solid guy and yes, stinkin cute!

  7. He looks like he has a very good allround conformation. His shoulder could be a little more angled but its not bad by all means. Hes definitely an athlectic looking dude.
    I love that last pic of you guys! So cool :)


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