Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amazing Sunset!

Grayson munching while I cleaned his stall

B having a talk with Grayson and Rocky

Monday B and I cleaned all the stalls at the place Grayson is at, did some lunging and worked on grooming with Grayson... gotten get him used to being touched all over :)

Sunset Tuesday Night
Tuesday was the ladies night lesson as usual.

Got Henry, groomed, tack up and decided to lunge- thank goodness he was a nut!

He got his feet done and I had asked that we take off his back shoes for the winter - I was worried that he would be a little sore but he was perfect :)

Flatted with the gang. Then Kat and I jumped.

We warmed up over and X then a vertical and finally over my fav panel lattice :) Henry's lead changes were almost 100% spot on- WOOT!

Cooled out. un tacked, groomed and made his bran mash... hubby made it very soupy so I had to be very careful taking it down to his stall. Re blanketed, fed him the mash soup and headed out.

He's getting turned out today, hack tomorrow, idk Friday, lesson Saturday.

Got an email confirmation that my blogger exchange present was delivered last night, woot!

Also got my horse box last night, I'll take a pic and share the loot with ya'll asap :)


  1. Replies
    1. It was better in person but the iphone did an ok job :)

  2. Yay for being able to take off hind shows and save some moolah

  3. Both ponies were good about jumping, Henry is such a beefcake these days lol.

    1. They were! And he so is lol!

      I bet Andy got some amazing shots of the sunset!

  4. Gorgeous sunset photos & how cute is B at the gate?!
    Yay for parcels arriving! Loads of photos needed! !!

    1. Def! Hopefully I will get to post them tomorrow :)

      I love how Grayson follows her everywhere haha!

  5. Enslave children early and often!

    1. Hey they all swept the isle way yesterday ha!

  6. So pretty!

    And how cute is B with the ponies??

  7. That last photo is so gorgeous :) Awesome that B seems so interested in the horses/ponies.


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