Saturday, May 3, 2014

HBD G!! AND ... I need help!!

Trying to name Greyson ... Vote please:

Dudes Mr Easy
Mr Easy Dude
Peppys Easy Grey
Peppys Grey Jet
Dudes a Peppy Jet

Help I am bad at this and the QH world values bloodlines so much!!

Cutie Patutie turned 1 on 4-25-14 :)

Henry had a trainer ride yesterday, he was awesome. They just hacked him and he looked like a couch for the whole thing!! Didn't take a naughty step, looked awesome and super relaxed! It is SO hard not to get up on him and go for a spin...

Today he had about 3 hours of turn out :)

Sunday I will lunge him to keep him in work :) For now I am only afford one "trainer" ride a week.. which will just be hacking for now.

B and Henry giving kisses as we left the barn today :)


Henry and I love to hear from you guys! Leave us comments!!! :)