Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wed with a few words...

Derby Time @ Menlo

I love grays!

Really they need to make this disclaimer?!

Perfect afternoon at the show!

Addison's first horse show!
We went to Menlo Charity Horse show... so nice, so many fancy horses- makes me soooo antsy to ride!

We did a little shopping, I ended up getting the BoT mesh sheet for Henry and B picked out some cute hair bows.

Grayson and Katy sharing dinner nicely, I think she loves him lol

G is doing well. I am going to start "throwing" tack on him soon just so he can get used to it. I got him a winter blanket, so hopefully it fits him since i make a guess when I was as the used tack store lol!

Mr Stud
Henry has been doing awesome of course... a bit sassy when I turn him out but I think maybe he is just ready for mom to ride him! He is still getting his 2 training rides a week- aka keep him in shape since I can't do it rides :)

Saturday I gave him a psudo bath while the lesson was going on- really I hosed him off, washed his man parts and scrubbed his legs.

I can't wait to ride again... I am not sure I am going to be able to wait 6 weeks! I am only 2.5 weeks in aye!

Love my new Mango Bay belts, 900facebookpony is a bad influence! lol


  1. If your belts came in I hope my belt came in :)

  2. Henry really does look like quite the stud... if I were you I'd totally be antsy.... probably only make it through about 4 weeks ;-)

  3. I have no patience. I was back up on Skye while my right knee was still in a big immobilizer and I was still on crutches. With my left knee I waited until I was off of crutches, but Sydney was also very green where as I trusted Skye with my life. The wait was torture!

  4. Lovely belts! I'm sure you'll be riding in no time :)

  5. Fab photos & i too love the belts! :D

  6. Oh my god! I love that foxhunting belt!!!

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  8. Yay baby's first horse show! Henry is looking super duper as always =)

  9. love the new belts! Yay for Baby's first horse show too, exciting :D

  10. She is definitely a bad influence lol

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