Friday, December 5, 2014

10 10 10

1. Have you ever owned a horse? Yep a few
2. What is your favorite aspect of your discipline? I love the strive for perfection or the best you can possibly do. 
3. What pet peeves do you have concerning your discipline? How expensive rated shows are... crazy expensive!
4. Do you do barn chores? Well not really for Henry BUT I do them because I like his stall to be extra clean, his water to be filled and well to clean up after myself.
5. What is your least favorite barn chore? Like other have said, cleaning up after others- not cool.

6. What do you consider the worst vice in a horse? I think a dirty bucker or dirty stopper... 

7. What saddle brand is your favorite? I just ordered an Antares soooo yeah that!

8. Do you ride with a quarter sheet in the winter? I have when Henry is clipped, more for looks tho since we aren't in crazy low temps in CA

9. Does your horse wear boots? What kind? I have full set of Eskadrons and leather open front Bevels.. as well as a good amount of others.

10. Full seat or knee patch breeches? Knee patch is preferred, I have ridden in full seats and don't prefer them. 


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