Sunday, January 18, 2015

B&BS Blog Hop: Can't Just Have One

Breeches and Boat Shoes asks....

What horsey things do you have that you can’t have JUST ONE of? From breeches, to bits, to bridles, I want to know what you hoard in the endless world of equestrian things.

I have an issues with hoarding blankets... I am going to need to to a blog post on all my blankets one day.

I am going to steal the format that L used on her post...

Breeches- I have lots but about 8 pairs of schooling that I like and about 6 pairs that are show worthy. 
Show Coats- I have 4
Show Shirts- I have 6
Tall Boots- I have one show pair (Ariat) and a new schooling pair (Mt Horse)... 
Bridles- I have one show bridle (Harwich- LOVE IT), schooling bridle (Plymouth), 2 other no name bridles, a collegiate, 2 western head stalls... and a few pieces from bridles that have broken.
Girths- I have a couple soft fleece ones, 4 leather (Harwich, SP brand, two that idk the brands). Hubby got me the Antares hunter girth for Christmas.
Saddles- 5, B's english and western, my western, my Frank Baines, my first saddle a Collegiate and my Antares is coming!!
Saddle Pads- I have 18 square pads, 3 half pads, one Thinline, one Ridelight, 4 fitted show pads.... 
Boots- A set of Eskadrons, Set of Equifits, a few sets of Dovers Pro Sport Boots, Beval open fronts (leather)... 

And I have about anything you could need smashed into my trunk, I am well prepared (well that is how I like to look at it lol)! 

Thursday I had a semi flat lesson.. Henry was good :)

Friday was turn out.

Saturday I went out to ride but Henry had already been ridden soooo I just hung out and then cleaned him up/pampered him :) They said he was good and they jumped him :)


  1. Oh a nice break down of blankets, material,uses would be amazing! Measuring too, pretty please? I would love to hear from an expert!

  2. Nice hoarding, I too prefer to think of it as being prepared ;-)

  3. All. The. Things. I think being an almost hoarder is a horse girl requirement;)

  4. Whoa! I have lots of stuff but not lots of show stuff, you are stocked up! :)

  5. oooh so many fun things in that list!!


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