Monday, January 5, 2015


Grayson and his people...

I started off the new year how any normal (horse) person does, with a ride :)

Friday I had a lesson. Hacked around myself and then jumped. The eventing Trainer had some of her jumps in the indoor so we got to jump some new and colorful jumps. I was proud of myself and Henry for doing it all without any issues :)

We warmed up over a vertical, them jumped another veritcal and then added in a panel on a bending line and a gate type panel. It was a good lesson and I felt accomplished after.

Saturday Henry had a trainer ride, I haven't had a chance to talk to my trainer to see how that went.

Sunday was a day off.

Monday I hacked. Worked on counter canter, though it's not really working on it to much because he has gotten really good at it so it's more just making sure we are a well oiled machine :)

Lesson tomorrow morning :)


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