Friday, January 23, 2015


Thanks to everyone who answered my sheeth cleaning question... most of you said once or twice a year- Henry must have extra dirty man parts! If I did it once or twice a year it would be bad. When I was at the end of my pregnancy/just after Addy was born I let it go for about 6 weeks and it was horrible.

I am going to look into the mineral oil though since a few of you said that is supposed to help the grime not stick :)

so spoiled
Saturday Henry got a trainer ride and then some turn out. They jumped him outside and said he was good.

Sunday was turn out.

Monday I wanted to ride but hubby needed to sleep since he worked the night before.

Tuesday I had a semi lesson... we jumped the panel without problem. I ended up being on for 2 hours but I won't get into that.

Thursday i hacked on my own, it was FREEZING... for CA this is really cold!

I used my BoT exercise sheet (yay for besties getting you the best Christmas presents!) to keep myself i mean my horse warm ;)

Henry was a bit up but overall it was a great hack :)

Hubby is working a long weekend so Henry will get a trainer ride Saturday and I'll be back at it Monday :)


  1. sounds like a mostly productive week despite the cold!! Henry looks adorable all bundled up in his blanket :)

  2. He's rocking the BOT, Yay for a great week. Hope the mineral oil works for Mr Stinky

  3. He probably likes when you do that so makes sure he stays nice and dirty for you lmao


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