Sunday, February 1, 2015


Monday I hacked... I was pooped but Henry was awesome and I was SOOO glad that I rode!

Tuesday B and I both had lessons... I flatted while she had her lesson and then we went outside to jump and she hung-out in the golf cart with trainer.

I jumped some courses and also worked on a line of three- one stride to a two stride. Henry was good, I am getting back into my grove and feeling more comfortable.

Cooling out after my lesson

Wednesday Henry got turned out.

Thursday I had another lesson... I flatted while the kids had their lesson and then jumped after they were done.

Hubby snapped a few pictures with his phone  while I flatted :)

We worked on courses and some tricky ish turns. Keeping pace the same through the whole course and finding the sweet spot when Henry wants to speed up and steering when he guess' where we are turning.

Again Henry was awesome and I am feeling more comfortable :)


  1. That's awesome you are feeling more comfortable and are back in the groove! :)

  2. love the pics!! glad that you're feeling more into the swing of things again!

  3. Not sure how I missed this update, but am delighted that yourself and B can share awesome bonding time in the saddle. ☺☺☺


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