Friday, March 6, 2015

Basking in the Sun

G says hi :)

I know lots of you are under snow, literally... but here in CA we are enjoying some fab weather. High of 68 here today :)

Thursday after our ride

Tuesday I had a lesson. I flatted with the kiddos and then jumped.

We warmed up over an X but I didn't add that to my pic above...

Then we did the X to the black line (domino box to stone wall boxes) away, right hand turn around to the blue in and out. right roll back/U turn thing to the pink oxer (black walls with pink polls) and then turned left. 

Henry was awesome- almost a bit sluggish which is better then running off lol. 

I was having a hard time getting the right spot into the in and out so we did that a lot... I am thankful for my saint horse dealing with me :)

Cooled our after the lesson and watched the kiddos jump :)

Cleaned Henry and my tack up.. even scrubbed his legs. Never ending battle to keep that gelding gunk off his back legs!

Henry looking cute waiting for his grain after our lesson lol :)

Henry got turned out Wed, hacked Thur and I hope to get out and hack this afternoon.


  1. Lol I have more issues getting mare legs clean!

  2. damn you and your joyus state!! Wish I could move to Cali :(

  3. looks beautiful out there!! glad you had a fun lesson:)

  4. Today was divine for riding, I had a 4pm lesson and we were both sweating!

  5. Beautiful weather & fab saddle time with gorgeous photos as always


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