Monday, March 9, 2015

T-9 Days

Till we leave for the show!!!!

Also, thanks everyone for your input into the Do you Share Well post! Love hearing all the different opinions :)

Saturday I jumped in on the lesson. Flatted with everyone and then did a warm up X on a circle with the people jumping... the goal was to land on the correct lead by turning over the fence.

Then J and I waited to jump bigger stuff... These were all the jumps we did and we did various courses.

Henry was great! Some of the distances were wonky but we worked with it and trainer fixed them so that I could get in the show mode for all the lines.

Went for a little walk to cool out with some of my barn buddies :)

Cleaned Henry up and stuffed his face with treats.. cleaned all my stuff and headed home.

I *mught* have taken my sweet time since I was at the barn sans kids and hubby lol.

Sunday he had off.

Today I hacked. It was amazing weather so I rode outside. I had the BIG arena all to myself most of my ride... I worked on our under saddle and Eq flat and also worked off the rail.. which at the end Henry was convinced I wanted lead changes so we had a bit of a clarification that i really just wanted him to go straight! It's funny how I can be doing nothing and he remembers a time that we worked on lead changes off the rail and was sure that is what we were doing haha.. smart cookie!

I took a nice long walk around the barn to cool out since we were both sweating after our ride. Cleaned Henry up and washed his tail in prep for the show :)

Lesson tomorrow!


  1. Woohoo countdown and show prep engaged.
    ya'll are gonna rock it and look amaze doing it

  2. yay sounds like you all are really gearing up! very exciting :)

    1. Hopefully we are ready and don't embarrass ourselves :)

  3. Sounds like a couple of fun rides!

    1. Def! Hopefully keeping them coming through the show!

  4. Hey! So it's come to my attention that Blogger isn't updating/redirecting my old blog to my new one. I'm going around commenting on all the blogs I follow because I don't know how to contact everyone otherwise. My old blog Horses: The Process of Learning is back in action at This is some kind of blogger error. But I would love for you to come follow me over there! Thanks girl!!

  5. So exciting! Best of luck during the countdown :)

  6. Yay! How exciting :) Can't wait to hear about the show!

  7. I swear these first few weeks of nice weather just make everyone happier, horses included, and it makes rides so much better!


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