Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Horse Show- Days 3 and 4

Friday was the first day of our division. We were set to do two 2'9 OF classes and one flat class.

Mini Flake shavings in braids = not happy Karley lol

There were 19 people in each of my classes... my hope for ribbons quickly went out the window and my new goal was to get around having good rounds.

We had our pace, jumped all the jumps well, made the distances and did knock anything down.

Henry was awesome, I rode well and that is all I could ask for. Trainer was happy with what we did and said not to be discouraged.

The U/S class was hilarious, SO many horses in one ring. Thankfully Henry is so chill and didn't mind the chaos :) We didn't place but there were so many really fancy and expensive horses, to be expected at a rated show.

Out for a walk and grazing after being a good boy

All tucked in for the night.
Sat am at the show, seriously love my life!!

Saturday was our big day, two more 2'9 OF classes, one Eq, two 3' OF classes and one US.

Lunging Sat am.. you can tell he is wild lol

There are pictures coming from the 3' OF classes. Henry was awesome, I rode ok and we placed in one of them (there were 10 in the division). I also placed in the US class :)

Hubby video'd the 2'9 rounds, I placed in one of them.. trainer thought we should have placed in both but it's ok. Henry was great, I felt like I rode well and I did it without thinking I was going to die!

Video 1 of the 2'9

Video 2 of the 2'9

Henry was DONE with pictures lol
Sunday was no showing for me so that concluded our showing... I felt like we did amazing. I can't wait for the next show!!

Sunday recap next...


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! You did great!

  2. I think I filmed the 3' classes

  3. Doing it bravely and confidently is WAY more exciting than ribbons! Great job :) :)

  4. Drooooling at Henry. Good job!

  5. Henry looks amazing, so shiny, healthy & happy with his lot in life. What a super star wild ottb ;-)
    I am delighted to read that it all went do well!!!!

  6. You guys look great (watched the videos in the tiny corner of my work computer!). Sounds like it was a success :)

  7. That's a lot for one day! Great job, Henry makes those jumps look small! I can't wait to see how far you guys go this year!!

  8. Congratulations! You and Henry look great :)

  9. So jealous of how consistent your pace is!! You two look amazing! Well done :)

  10. Sounds like a great show! Henry is so handsome!

  11. wooo hoo!!! you guys look great - congratulations! sounds like some serious competition - nice job holding your own :)

  12. Henry is soooo handsome!! Congrats :)

  13. You guys look great! Well done!!

  14. He looks great!! Sounds like a fun weekend


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