Saturday, August 1, 2015

3' and 3'3

Monday and Thursday this week were hacks... exciting I know :)

Tuesday morning I took an early lesson...

We did this course again.

Backing up though, I flatted and trainer had me do some lead changes- Henry's FAV!!! lol

Then we used the above to do courses again. Henry was being awesome, I really can't complain one bit..

The wind was killer so I would do the course and then come back and trainer and I went through them since I wasn't able to hear her.

She commented how good he was being, I told her it was probably because I was riding well lol... she said that was possible too!

I am hoping to find a sitter so I can take a lesson Saturday, fingers crossed!

Also, I took the tape out and measured the jumps... all of them were 3' and  3'3. Woot go me and Henry!! I wasn't even nervous or worried, yeah yeah!!


  1. Wow! 3' 3" is big! Great to job on doing so well!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am lucky Henry has turned out so nice!

  3. 3'-3'3"... teach me your ways! I'd like to get to that height. I just can't get past the nerves.

    1. I never thought i'd get past 2'6!! IDK what changed but I am thankful that I got my shit straightened out lol!

  4. That's awesome!!! You go girl! (and Henry)

    1. Thanks!! Yes Henry is totally the star!

  5. woooo hoo jump da big jumps!


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