Friday, July 24, 2015

The Whole Week

 I went up to the barn around 7:30... everyone was wrapping their stuff up and I had the place to myself. The weather was awesome and it was beautiful!

It was the first time in a long time that I didn't have to hurry up and get home... I mean hubby wanted me to come home but it wasn't like something was pending my arrival. 

I hacked Henry around, working through our W/T/C and then also on our counter bend in circles... one day this horse will not be so stinken heavy on the left... one day!

Tuesdays lesson was postponed to Wednesday because Trainers niece was riding in the Pan Am games so she wanted to watch... come to find out none of us got to watch b/c they didn't show any of it on tv BLAH!

Anywho we ended up going to dinner and the party store to prep for the big first birthday party Sunday... so my riding time was eaten up but we went out and groomed and lunged Henry :)

He wasn't sure about the vacuum hose but didn't really care about the actual vacuuming.

Wednesday I took a lesson with miss Erica and we had a blast! The wind was our of control so we did a circle around trainer so we could hear her.

Flatting went well, we did some more counter bend at the w/t/c ... Henry loves it hahahaha!!

They have a rope blocking the other half of the arena so that is what the black line is
This was a new course of jumps so it's good practice for shows. Yes he has jumped all of these things before but not set up like this so it's all "new",

He was great, a little sticky the fist time through at a few things but nothing big- I rode well and that helps us a lot lol!

We warmed up over the purple.

Started pink vertical left hand turn to the red 3 stride line (had to really stay left and hug the standard of the green oxer), left to the blue wall/vertical, right to the gray 4 stride line.

Then we worked on the red line the other way a few times.

Then she had be do the green oxer, then she said add the red line so i thought she ment green oxer straight to the red- yep that is not waht she ment lol oops! She wanted me to do the green oxer go round the first fence in the red, turn left and loop back around to the red line.

Henry was great, can't complain!

Thursday I turned Henry and his buddy Blue out for almost 2 hours. they were super happy boys to get out for a bit!

Friday I got to the barn at about 8, tacked up and warmed up.. once trainer got there we went down and did some more jumping.. this time with a few tougher turns but SO FUN!

We did the red line off the right lead, roll back round off the right lead to the green oxer, left to the black vertical, immediate left to the blue vertical, right to the gray line.

Again he was great, a few rider errors of either to slow and then stepping on the gas (haha oops) or to fast and having to whoa a lot in the lines.

Overall is was great, I just love him so much!!! I can't wait to be able to go to another show!

Henry will get turn out Saturday and Sunday and then back to it Monday :)


  1. Love that shadow photo! And your blog always makes me smile because you and Henry are so great together. =)

    1. Ah thanks girl! It hasn't been easy but its all worth it now haha!

    2. Ah thanks girl! It hasn't been easy but its all worth it now haha!

  2. Fun courses! Sounds like an awesome week full of awesome horseness :)

  3. Great week! You give me hope that one day I can balance horses with having a family :)

  4. busy week - love the photos too!

  5. Nothing better than "no rush" barn time!


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