Friday, July 17, 2015


Monday I hacked after dinner in the evening. It was a just get Henry out and move around  before our outing Tuesday ... and I talked to Erica through almost the whole thing haha!

B talking to Trooper lol

Tuesday morning we loaded up and headed out to another barn to school. I hitched up all by myself, go me! If you have done that with a bumper pull you know the fun that it is alone haha!

Henry hauled great :)

Tacked up and got on ... Henry was bright eyed but I just had to ride through it. A few scoots here and there but it feels great to be able to ride through that and not stress :)

This is the course we did....

Gray was a single and then trot to a X and vertical bounce
Red was a brick roll with a poll over it
Green was a 5 stride line
Brown was a small vetical 2 strides to a small wood crate with no standards 1 stride to a small oxer
Orange was a oxer
Blue was a fan jump

The red, orange and blue were probably 2'9
The green and first jump in the gray were prob 2'6
The brown and rest of the gray was prob 2'0-2'3

It was a fun mix of new jumps.

Henry gave a hairy eye to the wood crate thing with no standard but other then that we jumped everything great.

I really liked working on the trot jump in the middle of a canter course b/c we had to do that at the show in March and it was a miracle that I trotted it at the show. When he gets going on course he gets in the zone and trotting isn't on his mind lol.

First jump in the brown line
I love going to new places and having a great horse under me, bring on another show!!

Wednesday is turn out day for Henry :)


  1. awesome that you had such a fun field trip!

    1. It was def fun!! Always good when you get out and your horse is awesome.

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm so terrified to hook up a trailer

    1. It was so fun!

      Lol my bff and i used to trailer everywhere so i am pretty good at hitching up.


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