Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Oh Hey I Have a Blog

Whooooops! Sorry but I am back!

Monday I hacked, Henry was good.. my goal was simple, get him out and moving around.

B helped me cool Henry out haha :) She went and got her helmet and was waiting patiently for her turn :)

Tuesday I had a lesson.

We jumped this course after doing a TON of two point. I rode with one of the kids and she kept getting in trouble for leaning on the neck so we two pointed forever lol!

For jumping we did an array of everything... lots of technical turns that we rocked. I love that Henry is so game and on it when we are jumping- so fun!

Wednesday was a turn out day.

Thursday I hacked. There was a lesson going on so I rode around with them.

Nothing fancy... WTC and then I worked on counter bending at the trot and canter. Henry can be stiff and so I have been working on counter bending and pushing that hip over. Also spiraling in and really making him pivot around my leg.

It's a balance to make sure I am riding him right so that we don't lead change and so he actually is counter bending- hard work but bring it on! It gets better every time.. keep building upon some great training :)

I planned to ride Friday before hubby went to work but he had to go in early so that went out the window.

My youngest brother got married Friday night so it was a family filled weekend... Henry got lots of turn out :)


  1. hi hope you don't mind me commenting was just wondering if you had ever tried the exercise where you are on a 20m circle and then you leg yield down to a 10m circle then back out to a 20m circle. my teacher had me do this with gatsby to get him looser and bending more

    1. Oh please feel free to comment!! :)

      Yep we do the leg yield/spiral in on the circle :)

  2. Awww Henry and B are so cute together :)

  3. OMG love your photos! Precious

  4. Welcome back. Henry and B are adorable!

  5. aw your little girl is too cute!


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