Friday, July 3, 2015

Fair and Riding

Tuesday was 109... Henry had the day off and we went to the fair instead, crazy I know. But we had a blast so it's all good!

Hubby and my lunch

Wednesday was another hot day, triple digits. Did family stuff during the day and then went to the barn at 8 pm.. it had cooled off to a lovely 85 lol!

There were actually quite a lot of people up there and two lessons going on. The indoor was a DUST bowl... I wonder if they aren't watering it anymore? I haven't ridden in there in a while...

Henry was chill and then crazy... we have a lesson Thursday morning so hopefully he will put his good boy pants on for that!


  1. ugh that just sounds way too hot!!

  2. This heat is driving me crazy too. I am at the barn after work at 5 when it gets the hottest here. So frustrating.


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