Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

Flags are no big deal for Henry :)

Thursday Henry felt a little weird... but only to the left. I rode around to see if I was crazy, trainer said I was crazy b/c nothing was visible to her.

I kept feeling "something" and so she said that if I felt like something wasn't right to not go forward anymore with the lesson.

I walked him around to cool him out and then took him up to untack. I cleaned him up and then iced his front legs.

I had planed to try again Friday morning but hubby got out of work late and so mom duty calls.

Henry got a nice turn out Friday though and I am hooping to maybe sneak in a ride Sunday, if it doesn't happen Monday we will be back at it!


  1. Hope he feels all better tomorrow for you! Good call quitting when you're not he's 100%, mama knows best!

    1. Yep, mom always knows how they are supposed to feel!!

  2. I've had that happen - trainer sees nothing and I'm like 'but I FEEL it!' Hopefully it's nothing!

  3. cute pic! hopefully Henry's back to normal next time!

  4. I hate when I feel something but no one can see. It makes me feel like I'm imagining things. I hope that he's feeling better!

  5. Henry needs to give Wilbur some flag lessons!


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