Friday, August 21, 2015

We are ready, I hope!

Had two great lessons this week... oh Henry I just love you so much!

Packing for the show

I ended up riding Tuesday night with the late crew, always love riding with those ladies- used to be my go to when I worked out of the home.

Our course looks like this now...

Tuesday we did the purple to warm up.

Then moved on to the blue 6 stride line off the right lead, left hand turn to the red line.

Then she had us do the yellow oxer off the left lead, right hand turn up the 5 stride.

It took me a min to get my crap together but over all Henry was great and such a stud!

Cooled him out and pulled some more mane in prep for the show.

Thursday night hack

Friday I had a lesson. Last one before the show...

I flatted around on my own and trainer threw in a few things here and there... she had me do some lead changes through the center of the ring, counter canter and lead changes in the corner... gotta love the flat workout before any over fence work ha!

We warmed up over the purple.

Then we did the yellow oxer off the left lead, right hand turn to the blue 6 stride line, left to the red line, left to the yellow oxer, right to the green line...

3'3 baby!

Then trainer mixed it up and we did things a bit backwards... right lead to the red line the other way (3 stride to the 2 stride), right hand turn to the 6 stride line, left hand turn to the green 5 stride line.

Here is a video of that last line :)

Again Henry was awesome, we worked out my issues and hopefully we are ready for the SHOW- WOOT!

Quick hack tomorrow, bath and loading the rest of the trainer... then we are off Sunday!


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