Monday, March 7, 2016

I spoke too soon

It has been raining and raining and raining....

Back to Henry

Tuesday Henry got the day off because hubby had to work.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was able to ride tho!! Woot!

Hacked all three days. Henry is really feeling great... 

Bad horse!

I have been riding in the twisted wire bit and Henry has been going good, but he starts to get dull towards a bit after a while so I normally swap back to the Segunda. BUT he has been SOOOO touchy to the segunda so gotta figure something out...

Pics by B :) With a little insta edit lol
Started raining Friday and hasn't stopped since lol!

Saturday we headed to the show to cheer on L... I'll let her do the recaps for that :)

Sunday I didn't have time to ride but I was able to get Henry out and let him stretch his legs... then i groomed and groomed and groomed... he's shedding!


  1. I hear you about all the shedding!! But with all the wet, it clumps much more nicely :D

  2. i can't wait until my mare starts shedding... hate how dull her coat looks right before she lets it go!

  3. Carmen has just started to shed. It makes her enjoy the grooming.

  4. Red STILL isn't shedding. But I'm so ready for shiny summer coats!!

  5. It's interesting reading about how your horses are shedding whilst in a month or so the horses here will be starting to grow their winter coats!!

  6. I hate shedding! I'm so glad I clipped this year. Hopefully it'll be easier.


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