Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I need a boat!

Yep it's still raining... But I got to ride!! And Jump!!

I joined back into the Tuesday night lesson... in the early group because hubby works so I had to be home by 6.

Trainer tortured us with lots of 2 point and no stirrup work. The new teen and I were the only two that did all the torture and didn't bow out - so proud of myself lol!

After our flat session we did an X, then a little vertical and then a little oxer. Henry was a champ, I am rusty but we did it and all was good!

Watch out we are back :-P lol jk jk

Cleaned him up and tucked him in.



  1. My legs hurt just thinking about no stirrup work...

  2. yay for gettin back at it and still being able to do all that two point!!

  3. Yay jumping!!! My legs hurt thinking about so much two point and no stirrup work. They're already dying from posting trot, rofl!


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