Wednesday, March 2, 2016

If You Were Putting Together A Tack Room...

What would you put in it?

Do a post with how you would outfit a tack room! I think it will be fun to see what everyone would do!

Curved Bridle Rack

How cool is this Hose Holder?!?!

Pretty for Brass Bridle Racks, though I think these would be cool for halters too.

Blanket Bars for the stall doors

Of course Cross Ties

Whip holder

Hook for cleaning tack

Saddle Racks


  1. yassssss! I support this blogging prompt- bring on the stable p0rn! I'm partial to lockers just because everything looks tidy (on the outside at least) but matching trunks look pretty nice too.

  2. Definitely:
    -Tall tack lockers for every boarder that has two saddle racks, two bridle holders, and a place to store boots/grooming totes.
    -Places to clean tack.
    -Washer and Dryer.
    -Places to hang blankets to dry.

  3. ooooh.... hmmmm... must start thinking!

  4. Hooks! Hooks everywhere. YOu can never have too many hooks.

    the hose holder is interesting but I know I would never put it back that way. I have the roll up one from Lee Valley that I love.

    In my tack room I have a cupboard for wormers and medical supplies, a table with a fold up leaf for cleaning tack, a kettle, a sink and a mini fridge (for water and meds of course, not wine or beer....). I also keep my feed in there because I only have 2 horses.

    Another essential is a heater.

  5. Love that water hose holder! I am actually allowed to put up pretty much anything I want in my part of the tack room. I've added extra rounded bridle hooks and a whip holder, plus that same tack-cleaning hook!

  6. Great idea. Must start thinking and dreaming.

  7. Great post. I've been wanting to write something up on this. I have a nice size tack room for the four of us and is already set up very functional but I've been thinking about fancying it up with pine wood walls. But wanted to get some ideas.

  8. Oooh yes. I absolutely love looking at pretty barns and day dreaming

  9. So fancy! The bridles are lined up so perfectly in that photo!


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