Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh This Weather

Seriously it's absolutely amazing!!

Saturday I went out and washed G and Coopers legs and tails.... B also rode and I got G's stuff ready to take him to the trainer.

Addi loves Cooper too

All the horses got Sunday off.

Monday I had a couple hours to myself at the barn- IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!

I rode Henry, had the arena to myself most of the ride. I worked on extending and shortening my canter... also some long stretchy trot.

He was super sweaty when we were done so I decided to cool out outside walking around..

Once he was cool, I took off his tack and let him out in the turn out to roll, eat and chill ... then I went back up to the barn and cleaned my tack, cleaned and filled his waters, cleaned his stall and made his grain.

Got Henry and cleaned him up (including his man parts) and put him back in his clean stall and let him devour his grain.

Grabbed my trailer so that I am all ready to take G tomorrow morning to the trainer!


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