Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...

Sunday afternoon B and I headed up to the barn so I could ride, yay!!

She took some sweet pictures for me, more to come in a separate post...

I hacked Sunday and Monday... the normal w/t/c, some counter canter, going around on the buckle...

Henry has been good but I can tell he is DYING to blow off some steam.

With all the rain, our turn outs are crap and not safe, our outside rings are a mess and the normal round pen we use is no bueno...

Tuesday I booted him up and took him down to the BIG round arena that we have way down below. Normally it's got good footing and drys pretty quick.

Needless to say he was SO happy to be out and free.

Though he was NOT very sure about the cattle that were right by the gate.

Making himself look bad ass to ward off those horse eating steers :-P

We had to go in and out of a gate a couple time to remind him that he did not need to grab his bootie and haul out of the gate ... he had to make sure he spun around to face those horse eating steers lol!


  1. Haha! Cows are evil!

  2. Cows are scary! You two look great! How long until you're able to jump? Must be soon now :)

  3. Cows are very evil. Ries will support him on his decision


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