Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Charging Forward....

The end of last week and this weekend might have killed me! Between hubby working and having our oldests birthday party (along with hubby getting called in on her party day for a 16.5 hour OT, he was gone for 18 hours)...

I got my rides in though... Friday was a lunge

Saturday was a hack, Sunday was off, Monday a hack outside and Tuesday a hack inside.

Henry has been pretty good so my hacks haven't been too exciting... going through the paces- W,T,C... haunches in and out, shoulder in and out, transitions clean and crisp, turn on the forhand and haunches....

I also swaped his bit back to the twisted wire and he's feeling better in it.... I have decided that periodically you have to swap his bit to keep him from hanging :)

Henry gets today off and I plan to give Grayson a bath this afternoon - it's been way too long lol!

Oh and we are about to sell our house so that is taking up my time too.. but I am managing it all, just call me super woman hahahahaha jk :-P For real where there is a will there is a way and I am pretty good at just putting my head down and getting it done!


  1. I love seeing the color evolution of Grayson!

  2. Grayson is getting so big :O
    Rebecca (

  3. I can't wait for warm enough weather to bath!


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