Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The BIG happy news

Yahoooooo for feet getting done!! It took me over half the day because they had 8 horses to do- 4 shoes and 4 trims and I was there to help with it all.

Munching on grass at the ranch after our ride

The BIG happy news is WE CAN JUMP!! We need to keep an eye on his feet and take it slow but we are backkkkkk! WOOT!

 B and I both rode Monday after each of our horses were done getting their pedicures.

Henry was NOT cool with the goats and the cows- especially since the lady who owns the cattle was chasing them around (WHO KNOWS WHY?!)... I just kept him busy and working to try and keep him distracted lol. 

Tuesday I hacked with with afternoon group... I was hoping they were going to jump so I could get a little in to nock off the rust but they didn't soooo next time.

All tucked in after our ride
Hopefully if I get to jump Tuesday night soon Andy (Kat's hubby) will get some media!! WOOT!


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