Friday, February 26, 2016

The Little Things- Blog Hop

Thanks to the $900FBpony for the blog hop!!

What are the “little things” about your horse that you’re so fond of?

This is such and awesome topic! We all have a soft spot for your ponies and know all of their little quirks because we spend the most time with them. 

Some of my fav with Henry are...

He is so good with my girls! He can be sassy to me but never is with them...

His work ethic- we are both serious and there to get the job done during lessons...
Throw back to fall 2013

He is pretty reliable... never bucked me off, doesn't really spook and if he does it's not bad, he's pretty tough- not a baby when it comes to pain or bumps/bruses....
Just close your eyes mom, I got this

And I think he's #henrythehunk.. Here are some of my fav Henry pics.. so hard to only pick a few!


  1. Aw he is so sweet with your girls

  2. Awww. Such a handsome boy!

  3. He is certainly a hunk!

  4. Love when they are Kid-Friendly :D

  5. He's such a cutie! Jealous of his non spooking!

  6. Mine is the same with kids. Super sassy with me sometimes, but always sweet and gentle with children. Henry is definitely a hunk, and seems like a really good boy.


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