Monday, February 22, 2016

Hug a Little Tighter

Emotions are high... sadness for a dear friend but how beautifully did she write this?! 

Nicku bought B a mini Pongo a few years back and we treasure him, even more now.

Been hugging and kissing this guy a bit more lately 

Shoeing appointment got postponed to Monday... gotta get up nice and early to get him to the ranch and then there are 8 horses for them to do- hopefully a few come to do them so we aren't there all day!

Henry has been an angel for all our rides... I am probably jinxing myself ha!

G and Cooper helping do the lawn mowing.. yep they are in the front yard at the ranch lol!


  1. Thank you my sweet friend, gosh there is never a good time for our beautiful 4-legged family members to depart. I thought I'd have to stop reading all the blogs because I'd be too sad but turns out reading everyone else's continued adventures makes me happy. Thank you for grieving with us <3

  2. You never really know when your last moment with our 4-legged friends and partner will be. Always good to throw some extra cuddles and kisses in there.

  3. :( I just read her post today.... Beautifully written... I'll be going out to hug my boys as soon as I'm done reading.


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