Friday, June 17, 2016

Gray Gray

The good...

Never get sick of the sunsets!

Look at how cute he is and how grown up he looks!!

The bad...

He go sprayed by a skunk.. yes you read that right my horse got sprayed by a skunk!! I go between laughing and confused!

Anywho many boxes of baking soda and dawn soap and he is back to normal.

Since he has been hone I've just been kind of letting him chill (he was a bit sensitive or hiped up I guess you could say).


  1. My husband's horse has been sprayed multiple think he would learn! Glad you were able to get him cleaned up.

  2. Awh man Grayson. xD I saw that on FB and immediately freaked out because there are currently like 5 baby skunks that are OBSESSED with my horses..please don't spray!

  3. Oh, ewwwwwww! But other than smelling like skunk he looks fantastic :)

  4. Wait. A skunk? That's terrible! I've never had that happen before

  5. Gross! I hope he learned is lesson!


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