Friday, September 30, 2016


Henry and I have been plugging along..

It has been hot hot hot so early morning rides have been our jam.

3' is no big deal :)

Still getting ready for the clinic. Thinking confidence, confidence, confidence lol

Who needs to be straight lol

Working towards longer rides and trying to keep them busy so neither of us get bored. Henry's always been a "harder" mouthed horse so I have been really working on softening him up. We are at the point where he's broke so it's just fine tuning and little stuff here and there to keep life interesting.

Random cool nights call for a sheet


  1. I love the bread and butter rides- the ones that just are building on things. They are the base of everything.

  2. I looove his color in that first photo. My little sorrel mare is so sunbleached and icky right now :P

  3. I love that stage where it's just fine tuning - enjoy it! :)

  4. A trained horse...what's that like???? LOL! Glad you're enjoying the fruits of all your hard work, excited to hear about the clinic!

    1. Right! I have never had one this broke and fun that is all MINE!


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