Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Pony Alert!

It's a bit overdue and if you follow me on instagram (narleykarley) you already know the exciting news...

Meet Jet!

He's a 5 yr old OTTB, a bit under 16.2 and I am sure growing. Clean xrays and passed the vet check with flying colors.

He ran a day before I got him... So he was a bit body sore but took everything in stride! Was such a good boy and didn't try to much with me!

After three rides with trainers help at the old barn I brought him home to have a few weeks off, chill and eat. He has taken it all in stride and is so laid back now!

One week of owning him shot
He's LOVING the daily turn out and all you can eat buffet.

He LOOOOVES the mineral block lol
I can't wait to get more weight on him and get back on him to see how he does!

This guys living the dream!! He has died and gone to heaven in his mind!! lol


  1. Awww, what a classic looking dude! Nice shoulder, too.

  2. I am so stoked about this! We need to chat :D

  3. Congrats! I'm excited to see how you two progress!

  4. A friend of mine bought a bay OTTB named Jet a few years ago! He's a sweetie

    1. Ohhh is he a nice horse? Hopefully it's a good luck name lol

  5. Baby racehorse for everyone! He's a good looking dude

  6. Nice to meet you Jet! He's so handsome :)

  7. oooh congrats!!!! he feels like a twin to my new guy too!!!


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