Thursday, September 8, 2016

Once A Month Updates?

Myabe this will be the new norm?

Hahaha... not good so sorry!

Henry and I are headed to a show Sunday- woot!

Two jump lessons since Henry has been A-ok from his foot and we are off to a show lol. Totally a good idea right?

I am hoping we can both keep it together and not make fools of ourselves ha!

My tall boots zipper broke and three times to the cobbler with no help (and over $100 later) still no luck. I ended up ordering a pair of Ariats and I have 3 days to break them in- ugh!

Henry and Sonny begging for treats

Mane pulled and pre pre show bath done... gotta finish clipping him and get another hack or two in. Oh and pick out me coolest outfit because it's going to be hoooooot!

Grayson is doing great as well. Took him to an little western event and he did great, took everything in stride!

He still feels so green but he's three.. I have to keep telling myself that.

I gave him a super detailed bath.. he didn't love me in the process but put up with it and looked so cute after!! Of course he rolled once I put him back in his pasture boo! Thankfully I waited till he was dry to put him back and I got a picture lol!


  1. Good luck at the show! Grayson is looking really good <3

  2. Good luck at the show! Hope the boots break in quick!
    Your horses are looking great!

  3. Have fun at the show! Mr. Grayson is so handsome :)

  4. Do a show recap! From FB it looked like a success!


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